Our Team
James Rutherford Associate, Studio Operations Manager BPHE | MBA | PMP Toronto

Before joining DIALOG, James played independent league professional baseball and managed personal trainers and athletic therapists between seasons. His background in sports and healthcare informs his approach to projects and his efforts in building high-performing teams that support each other to achieve success. James first joined our Toronto studio over 15 years ago as a marketing coordinator. His role quickly evolved to become a project team coordinator for small healthcare projects and then manager for the RBC Renaissance III Program in 2008. After leading the overall RBC Prime Consultant contract as project director from 2009-2011, James moved into a leadership role for many of our Toronto studio’s most significant retail projects.  

James is a past co-chair of our project management roundtable and was one of the leaders for our Mosaic program, dealing with enterprise resource planning software replacement and project management framework development. In his new role as studio operations manager, James leverages his holistic understanding of all aspects of our business to lead operations. As a leader, James helps team members work together to find solutions to challenges and personal and professional development opportunities, all while having some fun. 

What’s your favourite DIALOG initiative?
Elevate DIALOG – where we work together to brainstorm and propose ways to improve our DIALOG community.

If you could work a ‘day in the life’ of another discipline at DIALOG, whose would it be?
Marketing & Communications – figuring out the most effective way to tell compelling stories about DIALOG sounds like an incredible challenge.

How do you spend your weekends?
With my girls.

What’s one ‘pro tip’ you live by?
Just try to be 1% better today than yesterday. Small improvements add up to a mountain over time.

It's really easy to get excited about work when you feel like you're making a difference in other people's lives. If I'm helping people better understand our clients and better deliver our work, then I'm doing what I'm meant to do.

Master of Business Administration
Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

Bachelor of Physical Health & Education
University of Toronto