Amit is an architect and city planner deeply committed to making inclusive cities of opportunity and human connection. Motivated by his vision of urban places that promote climate resiliency and social equity, Amit has led the design of diverse complex city-shaping projects throughout his career. At DIALOG, Amit collaborates with clients, colleagues and community members on projects ranging from urban design guidelines for gently incorporating density into existing neighbourhoods; mixed-use and mixed-income transit oriented places; social housing for vulnerable communities; an aging campus for a spectrum of seniors; a student housing master plan; a tactical urbanism concept for a laneway; and high density residential projects that help expand housing choices in constrained markets. Amit brings a thoughtful attitude, creative problem solving, team leadership, great communication, a visionary perspective, and a balanced approach to every design challenge.

Viewing city-building as a holistic effort that requires the careful and creative integration of the public realm, buildings, infrastructure, programming, and landscape to make loved and valued places, Amit brings expertise in urban design and planning, architectural design, community engagement, storytelling, design strategy and process, and team management to every project. Through the facilitation of open, positive, and constructive conversations, Amit helps the best ideas rise to the surface in a compelling, engaging and respectful way. He believes that great cities are about starting from a place of optimism, building meaningful connections between people, and providing ways for everyone to better their lives through educational and work opportunities. Design is one of many tools to make these things happen, and Amit is happy to provide leadership and contribute to any efforts that help reach these goals.

Amit’s ideas and award-winning projects have been shared widely through speaking engagements, interviews, and publications. Having worked in the San Francisco Bay Area, Boston, St. Louis and Johannesburg, Amit believes in design approaches rooted in place. He has won or been on the winning teams for several international design competitions and has served as a Design Advisor at the Mayors’ Institute on City Design, as well as the national board president of Architects Designers Planners for Social Responsibility.

Stephen brings over three decades of experience delivering complex science and technology projects to DIALOG. With a firm grasp of the relationships between the physical space and the functional requirements of research facilities, he is respected in the industry for the planning and design of laboratory and teaching environments that fuse architecture and engineering. Leveraging a deep understanding of scientific processes, technical knowledge, and insight into construction sequencing, Stephen’s integrative approach translates client requirements into flexible and adaptable laboratory facilities that promote collaboration and accelerate discovery. His work on research laboratories, pilot plants, and GMP manufacturing facilities for the life sciences industry is characterized by logical and efficient workflows, stringent environmental controls, and coordination among architectural elements, process equipment, and mechanical and electrical systems. Stephen’s work conveys his belief that excellent architecture has a vision, but successful projects are realized in the details. 

Paria is an architect focused on residential projects and designing energy-efficient buildings. From master plan studies and design development to the production of working drawings, she has been involved in various stages of architectural and interior design throughout her career. Paria is proficient in all aspects of the profession, and her passion for design drives her to look for the best design solutions and push the envelope. Instrumental in jumpstarting our residential team, she has worked on many large residential mixed-use projects. Paria collaborates with the DIALOG tech team to develop a standardized BIM Link and Revit modeling library for residential projects. She is committed to growing a community-based residential portfolio working directly with the clients and other stakeholders.  

Saurabh is a sustainability consultant who believes in holistic design solutions that balance form, function and performance. From building performance analysis to embodied carbon, and healthy materials to green building rating systems, he is deeply knowledgeable in the principles of sustainable design.  Saurabh shares his expertise with project teams and as a client consultant to improve building performance. Over his career, Saurabh has been involved with performance analysis, including early-stage energy & daylight simulations and life-cycle assessments, and has completed several LEED projects in the mixed-use/residential, commercial, healthcare, sports, and education sectors. He is involved in several DIALOG-wide initiatives to develop knowledge, tools, and processes, including the embodied carbon and early-stage energy modeling initiatives. Saurabh remobilized the Toronto Green Team, initiated learning sessions around various sustainability topics such as the release of Toronto Green Standard v4, and leads the coordination and submission of data for the AIA 2030 Commitment program for the Toronto Studio. 

Jin is a senior architect dedicated to tackling new areas of architectural design and construction, particularly in healthcare. He has worked on over 60 projects as a designer, job captain, project manager, and clinical health care planner. Jin’s numerous healthcare projects incorporate the integration of highly technical, complex equipment into sophisticated hospital infrastructure. He led the architectural team for the Lions Gate Hospital Power Plant, was the clinical planner for the Brain Centre Project at the Walter Mackenzie Health Sciences Centre, and has led Connect Care projects across Alberta.

With a leadership style focused on delivering project excellence and making a difference to our communities, Jin brings energy, creativity, and an innovative spirit to our team. His collaborative approach, attention to detail, and passion for integrated projects have earned him the respect of engineering and architectural teams and allowed him to build strong relationships with clients and contractors. 

Charmaine brings energy, a holistic industry perspective, and attention to detail to our Toronto studio. Throughout her experience in various project types, she has worked as an architectural technologist, contract administrator, and job captain. In her current role as project manager, she oversees complex projects involving teams of both internal and external consultants. As a certified Contract Administrator with a strong interest in building code and contract administration, Charmaine is committed to knowledge dissemination and translation. Clients and peers regard her as an exceptional project manager who builds lasting relationships with stakeholders. Charmaine’s knowledge of the overall design and construction process is a crucial asset in managing projects, and clients rely on her expertise and thoroughness to deliver projects successfully. As a leader, she brings a collaborative and dedicated passion to all aspects of the project delivery, and her communication skills allow her to organize her teams effectively. Charmaine is a charismatic role model for other female architects, designers, and engineers. 

A registered architect with over 15 years of experience, Yvonne’s project work encompasses programming, design, production, and project management of various building types. She is a talented leader, passionate about client service and the design and execution of excellent buildings that improve people’s quality of life while enhancing community wellbeing. Yvonne’s commercial work includes involvement in the design and development of Bankers Court and Brookfield Place. She played a critical role in the functional programming for the MRU Riddell Library and Learning Centre and lead the design of the Andrews Wing Renovation at the University of Lethbridge. In heading projects like Laboratories Canada Cultural Heritage, she leverages her programming, oversight, laboratory planning, and workshop facilitation experience.  Yvonne’s ability to organize, gather, and present information in an approachable way contributes to comprehensive design solutions that meet clients’ needs.

Derek specializes in preparing IFC documents for complex science and technology projects, including laboratories, research buildings, and manufacturing process facilities for pharmaceuticals. He is known for his ability to creatively and effectively resolve technical issues and optimize constructability and construction costs. Derek works closely with multi-disciplinary design teams to lead the development of architectural documentation, integrate the work of consultants, and produce tender packages that fulfill the regulatory requirements of research, teaching, and development laboratories. Derek’s extensive knowledge of building construction systems, constructability, materials, specifications, codes, and standards enables him to lead integrated design team, update building information models, and prepare a variety of outputs/drawings throughout a project. He supports other team members and encourages them to contribute to the design process and the final deliverable. Derek is an active participant in the QA/QC process and assures a high technical quality throughout the documentation. 

Matt is a national leader in 3D modelling and parametric scripting and a highly skilled design thinker. With a background in computer science and interaction design, he weighs and manages the complexity of project specifications, sustainable opportunities, community integration, aesthetic consideration, and human relationships through the intersection of computational tools and human-centered design. Give Matt a design problem, and you can rest assured what you receive will be compelling and thorough. A critical, innovative, and interdisciplinary design approach is foundational to his project work.

In his time with DIALOG, he has worked on a variety of project typologies and scales including the Chinook Pedestrian Bridge and University of Calgary MacKimmie Complex. Matt is also part of the Calgary Green Team and a LEED AP BD+C. He recognizes that each project is unique and contains the seeds of ideas that we must be acute enough to ascertain and exploit. The final design product will be our lasting testament to this approach. Matt’s aim is to see our work as positive contributors to the broader implications of the culture of architecture. 

Mara is an architect with more than 20 years of experience in sustainability, urban planning, research, and teaching. Her approach leverages deep expertise in sustainable design, including energy, water, materials, and human health and wellbeing.  With extensive knowledge of LEED rating systems, she is also Living Future Accredited (LFA), a member of the WELL faculty, and a Fitwell ambassador. Mara’s design solutions are always two-pronged: creating places that make people healthier and happier and providing strategies that build a healthier environment.

Before joining DIALOG, Mara served as a Principal and Sustainable Design Leader with a global design firm. Her work experience includes large, complex projects for clients such as the San Francisco International Airport, the University of Michigan, Kaiser Permanente, Los Angeles County, and Humber River Regional Hospital. An accomplished facilitator, Mara is also a public speaker, published author, and an online faculty member of the Boston Architectural College Sustainable Design Institute. There, she teaches the Green Building and Health and Sustainable Design of Healthcare Facilities courses.