We take a collaborative approach to designing, with our communities and the environment in mind.

What We Do

Working together to solve complex challenges

We’re a design practice comprising architects, urban planners, interior designers, structural, mechanical and electrical engineers, landscape architects, and sustainability consultants. We believe the diverse perspectives and expertise of our multi-disciplinary teams position us to tackle today’s challenges in ways others can’t.

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Designing to improve our communities

We believe great design can change the world, and we’re proud to continue delivering positive improvements to the wellbeing of communities.

To demonstrate the link between design and wellbeing, we partnered with The Conference Board of Canada for research-based evidence. In July 2018, a joint research report from DIALOG and The Conference Board of Canada titled, Community Wellbeing: A Framework for the Design Professions, and the free Community Wellbeing Framework report, were released to the public.

Constantly pursuing design excellence

To us, design excellence means creating places that positively impact the end-user as well as our environment. When we do our work well, we’re able to create a sense of place that functions intuitively and eliminates barriers. It’s about challenging the status quo, striving for constant improvement, and being continuously curious.

We’re proud of the work we do, and we appreciate when others recognize our impact. See what’s being said about DIALOG and our diverse body of work.


Sustainable thinking is embedded in DIALOG’s culture, and an essential part of the design process in every project that we take on.

How We Do It

Bringing diverse perspectives together

We gain insight into how to make the world a better place through everyday experiences. That’s why we believe collaborating with our clients and our communities is just as important as collaborating among ourselves.