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San Francisco

Located in the City by the Bay, our San Francisco studio is bringing our Canadian expertise across the border. Our US team tackles a new adventure every day.

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Inspired by the ocean and nearby mountains, our Vancouver studio is passionate about using design to make a positive impact on the environment. Laid-back, inclusive, and outdoorsy are only a few words that describe why our Vancouver team believes the West Coast is the best coast.

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Like the prairies to the east and the Rocky Mountains to the west, our Calgary studio approaches design with a blend of practicality and adventure. Confident and committed are a couple of words that describe why our Calgary team has become a fixture within the community.

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Situated in Central Alberta, our Edmonton studio works hard to get the job done and the team knows how to have fun doing it. Down to earth and curious, our Edmonton team is always working on something new or gathering for an after-work social.

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Located in the iconic CBC Building, our Toronto studio has a front-row seat to watch each day unfold in the city. Never settling for mediocre, our diverse and progressive Toronto team always puts forth their best work.

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Our newest studio calls Oakland home, where the community is engaged, aware, and willing to take a stand. Situated near Jack London Square, you’ll find our team in good company among passionate activists and grassroots entrepreneurs, working together to define wellbeing in a city as diverse as Oakland.

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