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Across disciplines, geographies,and industries, we’re bringing our clients’ dreams to life.

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Bridges & Urban Infrastructure

We rely on the strength and longevity of our infrastructure to ensure the efficiency of daily life, while protecting our communities.

Civic & Culture

Through the design of civic spaces, museums, and places dedicated to the arts, we create inspiring destinations for people to connect, explore, and share.


We plan and design campuses that become active participants in the learning process. Student residencies, labs, libraries, learning centers, and administrative blocks — our spaces encourage collaborative innovation.

Healthcare & Wellness

Now more than ever, our essential workers need facilities that allow them to work safely and effectively.


Specificities of place, culture, and brand merge to give shape to spaces that are unique and welcoming for all.

Science + Technology

Our challenges are growing more complex, and so are the necessary solutions. We design spaces for ideation and problem-solving to collectively work toward a better future.


As our towns and cities expand, communities must be supported by holistic sustainable design that allows us to live, work, play, and thrive.

Office & Workplace

With four generations in the workforce, one size doesn't fit all. We're designing flexible workspaces for a variety of work styles.


We give existing buildings new life, allowing a sustainable approach to push forth reimagined spaces and places to the betterment of our communities.


Our collective wellbeing begins with the home. We design lasting dwellings for the individual, the family, and the community to create sustainable ways of living for all.


Retail environments need to be fresh, entertaining, and adaptable. In order to draw people in, these spaces must go beyond the traditional shopping experience to become social and cultural destinations.

Transit & Aviation

We get people where they want to go while treading lightly on the environment.

Urban Planning & Policy

Cities and their populations are growing. We embrace today's challenge to create well-designed vertical communities that are welcoming, sustainable, and comfortable for their occupants.