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kinistinâw Park Featured on Monocle Radio’s The Urbanist Podcast

February 2, 2023

Edmonton’s kinistinâw Park is featured in the latest episode of Monocle Radio’s The Urbanist podcast, a weekly series that focuses on the built environment and cities we inhabit.

In this latest episode, Monocle’s Edmonton Correspondent Sheena Rossiter is joined by Landscape Partner Jill Robertson, DIALOG Chair Antonio Gómez-Palacio, and Métis artist Tiffany Shaw, to discuss the significance of storytelling in the design of urban parks and reflect on kinistinâw Park, its design process, and the lasting impact it will have on the wellbeing of its local community.

About kinistinâw Park

Deeply rooted in community and context, kinistinâw (a Plains Cree word for We Three) is the unexpected coming together of Indigenous, Chinese, and European history that is, quite literally, stitched together by an undulating red steel canopy that weaves and bounds across the park.

Located in the heart of a redeveloping urban neighbourhood in the east of Downtown Edmonton, the Park is a community response to the need for a safe, inclusive, and dedicated green space that takes its inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of the neighbourhood that surrounds it.

Its design features artwork by Métis artist Tiffany Shaw, who worked closely with our landscape architectural team to apply her art to the underside of the steel armature. Her artwork, entitled “Family Patterns,” is reminiscent of a traditional Métis beading pattern and speaks to the resiliency of Indigenous people regardless of time and place.

About Monocle Radio: The Urbanist  

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