Glenmore Trail Pedestrian Bridge at Legsby Road

A unique structure over a vital Calgary roadway

Bridges & Urban Infrastructure

Aesthetics were a significant design factor during the development process for the Glenmore Trail Pedestrian Bridge. Five different concepts were considered before proceeding with this design. Appearance of the bridge with its surroundings was considered using 3D modelling and animation.

A professional artist was part of the project team to incorporate artistic features that have an educational bent for the nearby Calgary Girls School and for enhanced user experience. Structurally themed words were incorporated into several elements of the project. Adjacent to the bottom of the anchoring rods, the word ANCHORING is incorporated into the north traffic barrier, and the words “COMPRESSED” and “ANCHORING” are incorporated into a pair of concrete artworks adjacent to the south anchor rods.

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Calgary, AB
The City of Calgary

Bluerock Engineering Ltd.
Graham Construction

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Structural Engineering

Meeting site challenges

Five different design options were considered before selecting the ultimate design: a cantilever-type bridge with a precast concrete drop-in centre span.

Keeping traffic moving

The site offered serious challenges to the design team, including limited space and inability to close the roadway for any extended period of time during construction.

Cantilever design

The bridge is composed of two cast-in-place high performance concrete cantilever girders supported by the two main piers.

High strength rod supports

Both the cantilever girders and the drop-in girder are reinforced using two post-tensioned sets of high strength cables, in fully grouted ducts.

Art meets science

Structurally themed words have been incorporated into several parts of the project by artist Adam Kuby. The art highlights the engineering, offering an educational component.

North pedestrian ramp

Pedestrian access is achieved via a straight ramp supported on cast in place concrete piers anchored to drilled concrete piles.

South Pedestrian Access 

South access is provided by a switch back ramp supported on cast in place concrete piers on spread footings.

Center span installation

Temporary steel towers supported the drop-in girder weight during installation of the tie down rods at the piers before allowing the bridge to function as a clear span of 53 meters.

The Team

“Because of ultra high performance concrete, we were able to work with a wide selection of aesthetic possibilities that would never have been possible with conventional concrete.”

Gerry Carson

Five different options were considered before the final design was chosen.

Main pier design sketch

Detail showing the design of one of the two main piers supporting the bridge girders.

Cantilever girder anchors

To support the span between the two main piers, a set of high strength steel anchor rods are used.

Site rendering

This rendering depicts the bridge as seen from overhead on the north side of Glenmore Trail.

Center span installation

Temporary steel towers supported the drop-in girder load allowing the bridge to function as a clear span of 53 metres until the north and south piers were completed.