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James Godwin Associate, Landscape Architect MLA | BCSLA | CSLA | CERP Vancouver

James is a landscape architect with an extensive skill set that combines urban planning with a passionate focus on ecological design and climate change adaptation/mitigation. His projects vary in scope from detailed site design to large-scale master planning and convey his enjoyment of craft and collaboration. Over his time with DIALOG, James has managed residential, open space, mixed-use, park, and multi-use trail developments for various institutional, commercial, and First Nations clients. 

A member of both local and international conservation societies, James contributes to environmental causes through volunteer work and community engagement workshops. He has organized and presented at several local conferences with a mission to bring together disparate professions and user groups around these issues.

If you could work a ‘day in the life’ of another discipline at DIALOG, whose would it be?
Interiors. I mean, they’re the most fun department, right?

Where do you find inspiration?
Unsurprisingly, outside! As a landscape architect, you’re constantly striving towards, and humbled by, the beauty of the natural world.

What’s your favourite way to give back to the community?
Citizen science! If it involves me in the middle of nowhere with some crazy sampling equipment, I’m in.

We’re at such an interesting point in time, with global environmental issues reaching a major pressing point. I’m inspired by whatever small way I can help push the needle towards a better future each day.

Master of Landscape Architecture
University of British Columbia

Bachelor of Science, Environmental Biology (Honours)
University of Guelph

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