Our Team
Paige Parenteau Associate, Studio Operations Manager Edmonton

As studio operations manager, Paige builds on her background in business and as an executive strategist to nurture the culture in our Edmonton studio. She implements solutions for day-to-day management issues and long-term strategies that make DIALOG a better place. Paige works closely with the Studio Chair, partners, and Human Resources to oversee studio finances and projections and with other teams to increase efficiency and coordination across the studio. Appreciated for her kind and direct leadership style, she has an integrated and collaborative working style in any initiative or task. Paige demonstrated our values of collaboration, aspiration, diversity, and optimism and is a critical part of our growing Edmonton studio.

Whose work are you most impressed by?
I am always in awe of the other SOMs in our Studios. In our cohort of diverse backgrounds and experiences, there is never a shortage of innovative ideas and different perspectives to bring to problem solving. I am impressed by their vulnerability, compassion for others, and eagerness grow our practice.

What’s your favourite DIALOG initiative?
DIALOGers know how to work hard and play hard. I love the planning and care that goes into all of our social events, especially the holiday celebrations.

Where do you find inspiration?
I have two young children who have gifted me with an opportunity to re-discover the world again. It is their curiosity and unbridled enthusiasm that inspires me to leave things better than I found them.


Bachelor of Commerce, Management
MacEwan University