Our Team
Paria Sajadpour Associate, Architect Toronto

Paria is an architect focused on residential projects and designing energy-efficient buildings. From master plan studies and design development to the production of working drawings, she has been involved in various stages of architectural and interior design throughout her career. Paria is proficient in all aspects of the profession, and her passion for design drives her to look for the best design solutions and push the envelope. Instrumental in jumpstarting our residential team, she has worked on many large residential mixed-use projects. Paria collaborates with the DIALOG tech team to develop a standardized BIM Link and Revit modeling library for residential projects. She is committed to growing a community-based residential portfolio working directly with the clients and other stakeholders.

What’s your favourite DIALOG project?
Calgary Central Library. It shines like a diamond in downtown Calgary. The freeform exterior wood soffit and its combination with crystalline geometry of white panels is an amazing illustration of how design, engineering and fabrication hand in hand can be so beautifully linked. This high-tech monument with its modern approach to design inspires me the most.

What’s your favourite way to give back to the community?
I am proud to be part of the Redwood group, Herman Miller WeCare event, and AEC – a program that encourages youth through mentoring and providing guidance to the careers in the field of Architecture, Construction and Engineering.


Master of Architecture
Ryerson University

Bachelor of Architecture
Shahid Behshti University