André has served as a key member of the DIALOG mechanical team since 2013. At the core of his work is a dedication to designing sustainable spaces that people will love and enjoy for years to come. André’s experience spans a variety of project types, including mixed-use, institutional, and commercial projects. Every project he takes on is with the intention to advance the capabilities of the built environment to respond to the climate crisis. 

André’s work has shaped campus communities across North America including the University of Victoria Engineering Precinct Expansion, the Tilsonburg District Memorial Hospital, Dartmouth General Hospital, Ramsay Wright Laboratories, and the Student Commons at the University of Toronto. André is also committed to designing spaces that serve our most vulnerable. His modular housing initiatives—Meares St. Youth Supportive Housing in Victoria, BC, and Nanaimo Supportive Housing in Naniamo, BC—are designed to give a home to people experiencing or at risk of homelessness.  

Within DIALOG, André is the leader of the National Mechanical BIM Team, and has played a critical role in the development of firmwide mechanical BIM strategies. He is also an active member of DIALOG’s National Mechanical Production Team, primarily developing working and design standards to enhance project outcomes. 

Mike joined the Calgary Studio as a mechanical engineer in 2016. He works with a passion for developing a deep understanding of the unique story, challenges, and goals of every project. In turn, he is enabled to tailor innovative and effective solutions which push beyond convention in design. Sustainability and community wellbeing are most central to his work. Mike prides himself on following the performance of projects after his initial contributions, and offering building owners his ongoing support and insights. In this way, Mike leverages his applied knowledge and experience to develop design solutions that are practical and specific to a client’s needs throughout a project lifecycle, and the success of one project seamlessly contributes to the next.  

Mike primarily works within the education, sports and recreation, and commercial sectors. He is willing to go the extra mile for his clients, as shown in his work on the Mackimmie Complex, a high-performance net-zero carbon building on the University of Calgary campus, for which he spent a few days working from one of the tower floors to live the experience himself. The project is now a leading example of sustainable design in Canada, and the winner of the Consulting Engineers of Alberta Award of Excellence for Building Engineering: Institutional. Other notable projects include Vivo for Healthier Generations in Alberta, and the Energy Environment Experiential Learning Centre on the University of Calgary campus. Mike is currently a member of the SAIT Mechanical Engineering Technology Program Advisory Committee, the ASHRAE Southern Alberta Chapter Student Activities Committee, and the ASHRAE Technical Committee 6.5 Radiant Heating and Cooling. 

Michael has been a key member of DIALOG’s mechanical engineering team since 2011. His upbringing on a farm has greatly influenced his approach to work, proving that there are no shortcuts to success in life nor design. When it comes to tackling challenges that are affecting our communities and the environment, Michael seeks to surround himself with other bright, passionate people who offer differing opinions and solutions. He sees meaningful relationships as key parts of his work and essential components for unlocking impactful design. With this, Michael has served as an important part of the glue that binds DIALOG’s architecture, interior, and engineering teams on projects, allowing them to produce built environments that enable occupants to flourish.  

Michael has worked on institutional designs for the University of Calgary and the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, as well as healthcare and commercial mixed-use projects. Most notably, Michael worked on the award-winning Mackimmie complex, which includes a high-performance net-zero carbon building at the heart of the University of Calgary campus. He also played an integral role in the Lethbridge Exhibition Centre project. 


Neel is passionate about applying the art and science of building performance simulation and data-driven design to produce positive outcomes for the built environment. He embraces holistic solutions that minimize the environmental impact of building assets while providing enhanced value to building owners, developers, policymakers, and designers through improved well-being and reduced total cost of ownership. Neel believes that an integrated and collaborative approach that incorporates diverse perspectives is essential for delivering high-performance buildings. 

A mechanical engineer by training, Neel is well-versed in whole-building energy modelling for both new and existing buildings and lifecycle cost analysis, design optimization, and data visualization. His experience includes developing energy models for green building certification programs, carbon-neutral retrofit studies and district energy strategies, and the development of net-zero energy and emissions policies and standards for municipal, provincial, and federal government bodies. His projects span various asset classes, including recreational facilities, commercial high-rise towers, multi-unit residential buildings, hospitals, data centres, and transit facilities. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in the province of Ontario and is a Certified Energy Manager.

Diana is a highly motivated mechanical engineer who joined our team over a decade ago. She leads the mechanical design on buildings ranging from small renovations to large institutions and helps manage the Edmonton mechanical engineering team.  Diana is recognized for her analytical mind, strong sense of ownership, and approachable leadership style. She has a keen interest in sustainable design, and she unites the interdisciplinary effort required to achieve high sustainability goals. With a love for projects that positively change the city she lives in, one of Diana’s favorite moments was walking into the Royal Alberta Museum when it first opened and seeing other people enjoying the space she helped design.

Diana contributes greatly to studio initiatives, including Design Champions and organizing social events. She also helps to inspire interest in consulting engineering by volunteering in elementary schools and at the University of Alberta. Because of her well-rounded approach to design and teamwork, Diana was recognized by the Consulting Engineers of Alberta with the 2019 Harold L. Morrison Rising Young Professional award.

John has specialized in engineering design and technical document creation for his entire career. His design work spans a wide variety of building mechanical systems throughout Canada and abroad. Over 35 years of experience working with multidisciplinary teams has given John a unique perspective and appreciation for project scope and direction. He manages mechanical production in our Edmonton studio and the development and application of BIM and Revit standards. John is also a valued mentor to the whole mechanical engineering team.

Leveraging nearly 15 years of industry experience as a mechanical engineer, Dan creates innovative design solutions to mitigate environmental impact while supporting practical and human needs. This passion translates into sustainable development and integrated collaborative design processes, which provide life-cycle and construction-cycle benefits to clients. This passion has also led to his recognition in the wider community, notably with Construction Canada, which recently honoured him with the Emerging Leader Award for Technology Advancement. With 13 years of experience in HVAC and plumbing systems design, he focuses on sustainable buildings and high-performance system design. Dan’s portfolio spans typologies from post-secondary education and healthcare to industrial and residential. Projects of note include the Surrey City Centre Library, UBC Student Union Building, University of Victoria Engineering Precinct Expansion, and the Shipyards Lot 5 Development.

Robert is a leader in the DIALOG Toronto studio mechanical engineering group. His passion for healthcare, research, and laboratory projects has led to invaluable advances in the firm’s expertise and portfolio in these sectors. He approaches each design challenge to maximize occupant comfort and energy efficiency, balancing simplicity in operation with technological innovation. Robert has designed HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, and building automation systems and led numerous projects to completion. From concept to contract documents, he is proficient in construction, site inspection, and contract administration. As building systems become increasingly complex, Robert believes that systems will perform best over their lifetime if they are uncomplicated and intuitive for their users. 

Mark has over a decade of mechanical engineering experience. Primarily focused on the buildings sector, he leads and contributes to education, commercial, industrial, and institutional projects. Mark takes pride in delivering each project to meet clients’ specific needs and works skillfully with various stakeholder groups to see those projects through.

Rod was a partner at DIALOG for nearly 10 years, and remains active and fully engaged with design teams and clients on a number of projects across our studios. Rod is passionate about integration, customer service, and sustainability. Before becoming a DIALOGer, he completed many groundbreaking sustainability projects, including Vancouver’s National Works Yard, the first-ever LEED® Gold project certified by the Canadian Green Building Council (CaGBC).  Rod is known for his collaborative approach to design, his ability to get to the heart of an issue, and his desire to solve problems while staying focused on the big picture. He strives to deliver excellent results in all aspects of a project while staying on budget.

Also a highly sought-after speaker, Rod believes in sharing his knowledge with others so that we can all move towards a more sustainable future. Rod is also an advocate for having fun while working on a project. He understands that the design and construction process can be complicated and challenging but knows that the team can enjoy the process while accomplishing great things together.

Rod was a partner at DIALOG for over 10 years. He remains active and fully engaged with design teams and clients on various projects across our studios.