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2021 Gordon F. Anderson Scholarship in Structural Engineering Recipient Announced

March 18, 2021

Congratulations to this year’s scholarship recipient, Moad Bani.

We’re proud to announce that this year’s Gordon F. Anderson Graduate Scholarship in Structural Engineering recipient is Moad Bani, a Masters of Science in Structural Engineering student at University of Alberta.

Moad’s research focuses on the seismic design and behaviour of steel structures. In particular, on the seismic performance of Multi-Tiered Buckling-Restrained Braced Frames (MT-BRBFs). The goal of his research is to develop a deep understanding of the behavior of MT-BRBFs and propose a design method for day-to-day engineering practice.

The scholarship program is now in its 20th year! Around this time in early spring, DIALOG would host a reception in our Edmonton studio to announce the recipient of the $5000 scholarship. The annual celebration is a chance for DIALOGers and special guests from the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Engineering to mingle, get to know the scholarship applicants, and, of course, celebrate the recipient.

We opted to postpone the event until we can safely meet again, but our sincerest congratulations to Moad remains!

Tall buildings and bridges fascinated me growing up. I wanted to know how these structures behave, how they are designed, and constructed. Intuitively, I went into structural engineering.

—Moad Bani, 2021 Gordon F. Anderson Graduate Scholarship in Structural Engineering Recipient

DIALOG + University of Alberta

Fun fact: we have many past scholarship recipients in our midst! Six previous recipients are now on our Edmonton structural engineering team—including two partners, Georg Josi and Steven Oosterhof.

Our connection to U of A is strong. Of the 19 engineers in the Edmonton structural engineering group, 18 have at least one degree from the U of A and we hold a combined total of 29 U of A degrees.

About the Scholarship

The Gordon F. Anderson Scholarship encourages students to pursue advanced study in structural engineering. The $5000 scholarship is awarded annually to a University of Alberta student entering the first year of a graduate program. It’s a great way for DIALOG to connect with leading young minds and give back to the academic community that has been a special part of many DIALOGers’ engineering journey.

The Gordon F. Anderson Scholarship has inspired similar scholarship programs between DIALOG studios and local universities. More info about scholarships can be found here.