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Plans Unveiled for Vancouver’s Heather Street Include Affordable Housing Units

June 27, 2023

DIALOG, Rize Alliance Property Ltd, and Minto Group have unveiled plans to create a significant transformation of the 5350-5430 Heather Street site in Vancouver.

The 5350-5430 Heather St. site is located in a neighbourhood undergoing a significant transformation, as various phases of the Cambie Corridor Plan vision are rolled out. The proposed Heather St. development offers a vibrant hub providing an increase in affordable housing, helping meet the needs of the community, city, and region.

From W. 41st Ave to W. 37th Ave, Heather St. is envisioned as a pedestrian-friendly and cycling connection between two major projects within the Cambie Corridor areas – Oakridge Centre and Heather Lands – with significant green space. The proposal is a two-tower residential rental development, bringing a total of 344 new rental units to the area, 69 of which will be below market. The towers will be up to 18 storeys in height.

DIALOG’s design envisions a space with amenities, including a large gym and a children’s playspace. An outdoor roof space is provided, containing urban agriculture plots and other gathering spaces. In consideration of environmental footprint, the thermal envelope performance and window-to-wall ratio have been carefully balanced to meet energy performance targets.

Reduced vehicle access over time will be explored in a manner that encourages walking and cycling along this key location.

With the rezoning application submitted in April, DIALOG awaits approvals from the City of Vancouver. Stay tuned for updates!