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Antonio Gómez-Palacio Shares His Career Journey in an Instagram Live Hosted by Proyecta Canada

February 26, 2024

Laura Salamanca-Moreno, Directora de Proyecta Canada, entrevistará en Castellano a Antonio Gómez-Palacio de DIALOG, sobre su trayectoria como arquitecto mexicano y urbanista en Canada. Acompáñanos, en vivo, por el canal de Instagram @ProyectaCanada, este miércoles, 28 de febrero, a las 7 p.m. ET.

Laura Salamanca-Moreno, Director of Proyecta Canada, will conduct an interview in Spanish with Antonio Gómez-Palacio, Chair of DIALOG, about his trajectory as a Mexican architect and as an urbanist in Canada. Join us, live, via the Instagram channel @ProyectaCanada, this Wednesday, February 28, at 7 p.m. ET.

In this live session, Antonio will share his career journey into the industry as a foreign-trained professional, with a mission to deliver design solutions to many global challenges including, housing affordability, city livability, climate adaptation, social equity and wellbeing, heritage, and sustainability. He will also discuss his role as Chair, leading a purpose-driven design practice that strives to meaningfully improve the wellbeing of communities and the environment, and his contributions as a thought leader within the design community.

Event Details

Date:                                        Wednesday, February 28, 2024
Time:                                        7 p.m. ET
Location:                                Virtual via Instagram Live

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About Proyecta Canada

Proyecta Canada is a community of professionals in the fields of architecture and engineering who have embarked on the journey of migrating to Canada from various Latin American countries. Through their online social platform, they believe in connecting experiences through stories. Director of Proyecta Canada Laura Salamanca-Moreno hosts Instagram Live sessions that take place on weekdays at 7 p.m. and serve as a platform where esteemed professionals generously share insights gleaned from their own Canadian experiences, offering invaluable advice and guidance for those seeking to thrive and excel in their respective fields within the Canadian context.