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BIM in Design: DIALOG’s Jason D’Altroy Featured in Built to Code Podcast

June 11, 2024

In the latest episode of the Built to Code podcast by Building Digital, podcast host Rory Smith sat down with DIALOG’s Jason D’Altroy, Associate and Project Manager, and Rob Sanchez, Founder of Stanza Technologies, to explore the application of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in the design stages of building and infrastructure projects.

BIM in Design

In the previous Built to Code episode, DIALOG’s Juan Carlos Portuese, Associate and Architect, and Jean-Luc St. Laurent, VDC Manager, EllisDon, spoke about the state of the workflow process BIM and the changed medium of 3D and what that could lead to. In this episode, Jason and Rob dive further into the current applications of BIM at the design stage, providing a better understanding of BIM before construction crews start the building process.

Listen to the episode:

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