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Calgary Central Library Nominated for Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize

April 20, 2022

DIALOG is proud to announce the Calgary Central Library has been nominated for the prestigious Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize, which celebrates built works that recognize the altered circumstances of the human condition.

Founded in 2012, the Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize (MCHAP) at the College of Architecture at Illinois Institute of Technology is a biennial award recognizing excellence in built works of architecture in the Americas.

The Prize’s statement of purpose notes ​”It will honor those projects that consider how we might elevate the quality of our built environments by extending our interests beyond the proverbial four walls. It will endorse those who acknowledge the interdisciplinary nature of our new ventures. Above all, it will recognize those who have invested their work with the mystery and power of human imagination. The objective is to reward the daring contemplation of the intersection of the new metropolis and human ecology.”

Finalists will be decided by an esteemed jury of professional architects, curators, writers, editors, and other individuals whose work has had a lasting influence on the theory and practice of design. We congratulate all those nominated.

About the Calgary Central Library

The new Calgary Central Library opened its doors in 2018, replacing the former 1960s-era Central Library building. Beckoning  Calgary’s 1.2 million residents, the new library spans 240,000-square-feet and connects two adjacent but previously divided neighbourhoods. Designed in collaboration with Snøhetta, the Library was envisioned as a collection of free-to-use community rooms and resources, creating a civic gathering place to serve the diverse community it inhabits.

Visit the MCHAP announcement page here for more information on the Calgary Central Library nomination.