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Community Vitality and Livability: DIALOG’s Antonio Gómez-Palacio Joins Panel at Town of Caledon Speaker Series

June 5, 2024

DIALOG Chair Antonio Gómez-Palacio will join the panel ‘Community Vitality and Livability’ on Thursday, June 13, 2024, as part of the speaker series organized by the Town of Caledon. Antonio will share his perspective on promoting livability in fast-growing municipalities like Caledon while protecting the unique, urban and rural character of the town.

The Town of Caledon adopted a strategic plan, which includes four main priority areas and outcomes they have envisioned for the town in the years ahead. As part of their implementation of the strategic plan, they have organized a speaker’s series that consists of four panels throughout 2024 on each of their four main priorities in the strategic plan: Environmental Leadership, Community Vitality and Livability, Enhanced Transportation and Mobility, and Service Excellence and Accountability.

Community Vitality and Livability

In the session, panelists will share their perspectives, experiences, and best practices for demonstrating and promoting community vitality and livability in their work. They will discuss topics such as the broader trends impacting community livability, recommendations to be successful in planning complete, healthy communities while facing the pressures of rapid growth, and how municipalities can foster the growth of the tourism sector while protecting its heritage.


  • Antonio Gómez-Palacio, DIALOG Chair
  • Marcia Wallace, Chief Administrative Office, The Corporation of the County of Prince Edward
  • Michael Fenn, President, Fenn Advisory Services Inc.
  • Jeff Fielding, Strategic Advisor, Colliers Project Leaders

Moderators: Town of Caledon’s Rebecca Carvalho, Manager, Strategic Initiatives and Amanda St. John, Manager, Business Attraction and Investment

The event is invite-only and will be for the Town of Caledon staff, Mayor, and Council members.

About the Town of Caledon

The Town of Caledon is a dynamic municipality that successfully balances urban, rural, and agricultural communities. The Town is guided by its core values that create an environment for continuous improvement and customer service excellence, providing great opportunities to contribute to a growing and unique community.