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Designing Public Spaces: Urbanism Vancouver Podcast Featuring DIALOG’s Jill Robertson and Amit Price Patel

May 14, 2024

Listen to the Urbanism Vancouver podcast, episode “Designing Public Spaces”, where host Helen Lui is joined by DIALOG partners and architects Amit Price Patel and Jill Robertson to discuss the design of great public spaces.

Designing Public Spaces

Amit Price Patel and Jill Robertson share insights on the political power of design, the intersection of science and art in shaping communities, and the significance of community engagement in creating inclusive spaces. The conversation emphasizes inclusivity, considering diverse perspectives, and the importance of moving at the speed of trust when engaging with communities. Amit and Jill highlight the impact of inclusive design on community well-being, stressing the role of public spaces in fostering connections and shared experiences.



About Urbanism Vancouver
Urbanism Vancouver is a podcast that explores how our built environment shapes our everyday lives and community experiences, hosted by Helen Lui. The podcast discovers where we live, work, and play – and how we can shape better communities, with insight and industry experience from Helen and guests. The podcast delves into the inner workings of our urban surroundings and explore how places are planned, designed, and built, and discuss ways to create more liveable, equitable, and sustainable cities.