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DIALOG as AEC Member of mindful MATERIALS Forums Launch, Showcasing Building Industry Alignment

July 26, 2023

Launching today, DIALOG is proud to be a catalyst member of mindful MATERIALS (mM) AEC Forum – an initiative designed to shift the building industry towards a more equitable and sustainable future.

The Forums assembles building industry groups from 40 leading organizations of proven materials leaders to find common ground, identify alignment opportunities, and build shared resources and knowledge. The three groups launched this year are the Owners Forum, the AEC Forum, and the Manufacturers Forum.

The mindful MATERIALS AEC Forum represents architecture, engineering, and construction leadership in driving the creation and use of sustainable materials. Across a range of market sectors, DIALOG and other Forums peers are leveraging collaboration of shared data, offering a space to problem solve the shared material challenges that cannot be solved alone.

The Forums send a powerful signal to the rest of the industry that we are aligned as owners around the Common Materials Framework, and a shared ask of the industry to drive sustainability investment and impact for healthier, more sustainable products. 

—Heather Henriksen, Chief Sustainability Officer of Harvard University Office for Sustainability, Catalyst Mmember of the Owners Forum

Dedicated to reducing and ultimately reversing embodied impacts of the built environment through collective material choices, mindful MATERIALS serves as a non-profit hub of leading design firms, building owners, and manufacturers who share a collective vision to transform the building industry through the creation, specification, and use of holistically sustainable materials.

In the role as catalyst member of the AEC Forum, DIALOG is joining hands with other leaders to represent the industry’s commitment to using sustainable materials, leveraging a Common Materials Framework to streamline and simplify the selection and usage of sustainable materials in our projects.

Together, with the mM AEC Forum, DIALOG is taking a significant step forward in promoting sustainability investment and driving the demand for healthier, more sustainable products in the building industry.

Meet the 2023 Forums members HERE.

About mindful MATERIALS

mindful MATERIALS Inc. is tax-exempt organization, dedicated to reducing, and ultimately reversing, the embodied impacts of the built environment through our collective material choices. mindful MATERIALS furthers its mission through a global cross-sector collaboration hub, who convene to share learning and drive better materials decisions around an industry-aligned common materials framework for health, sustainability, and resilience. That framework will live in our curated materials Portal and be broadly integrated into industry tools, platforms, resources, education, and advocacy.