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DIALOG Celebrates 2023 Milestone Recipients

March 8, 2024

At DIALOG, our success is built on the foundation of our dedicated team members, and honouring their contributions has become a treasured tradition across our Practice.

Every January and February, our studios come together to celebrate those DIALOGers who have reached significant milestones in their career journeys with us. The annual event, aptly named Milestones, serves as a proud reminder of the dedication, passion, and commitment that fuels our collective success.

This year, we celebrated 90 incredible colleagues for their 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 35 years of service with DIALOG, a recognition of their profound impact on the well-being of our communities and the environment we all share.

Congratulations to all our 2023 Milestone recipients!

Here, we’ve rounded up a collection of photos that capture the very best from our Milestones celebrations: