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DIALOG Partners Present the Zero-Carbon Hybrid Wood Tower at AIA Conference on Architecture in Chicago

June 15, 2022

DIALOG Partners Craig Applegath, Daria Khachi, Charles Marshall, and Thomas Wu will present “A Zero-Carbon Hybrid Wood Supertall Future” during the 2022 AIA Conference on Architecture in Chicago on Wednesday, June 22, 2022.

A Zero-Carbon Hybrid Wood Supertall Future

A more sustainable future requires a willingness to do things differently. Let’s start from the ground up.

This session showcases the power of prototyping bold climate solutions, as demonstrated in the Hybrid Wood Tower—a 105-story, zero-operational-carbon prototype with a hybrid timber floor system that reduces embodied carbon by 46%. Gather insights on how to eliminate carbon in tall buildings while maximizing carbon-sequestering, sustainably harvested mass timber.

Addressing the growing problem of global carbon emissions will require meaningful solutions from the architecture community. Here’s your opportunity to see bold prototyping in practice.

Regenerative cross-laminated timber (CLT)

Learning Objectives

  1. Discover the value of a hybrid-timber approach over “pure” mass timber construction as part of your sustainability practices.
  2. Integrate environmental science into your practice through biological and ecological processes, such as the Hybrid Wood Tower’s algae bioreactor and the biogenic carbon sequestered in the mass timber.
  3. Understand how a hybrid timber flooring system is engineered through the judicious use of concrete, steel, and wood, which have complementary properties.
  4. Learn from the ambitious prototyping example of the Hybrid Wood Tower project, which engaged a multidisciplinary team from across the firm as well as outside partners to find solutions to complex climate problems.

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Lead image by Tango Studio