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DIALOG renews commitment to Corporate Climate Leaders Program

September 24, 2020

Community emissions are responsible for 98% of Edmonton’s overall greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and buildings and industry account for about 65% of that. Wanting to be part of the solution, we joined the City of Edmonton’s Corporate Climate Leaders Program (CCLP) in 2018 and are happy to continue our partnership developing and implementing innovative climate solutions. Since joining the program, DIALOG—meaning all of our studios, not just Edmonton’s—has become Climate Smart certified for 2019. This means that how we do our carbon accounting (GHG inventory) is GHG protocol compliant.

We’re in good company too. Twenty new organizations have joined this year including large multi-national banks, local and national non-profit organizations, transportation and logistics firms, post-secondary institutions, development companies, and property management companies. It’s critical to have a mix of industries and business sizes to meaningfully lower those community emissions level. 

The CCLP has been a chance to bring environmental stewardship front and centre and realize our carbon reduction potential. Being a part of the program gives us access to even more training (this year, the City of Edmonton has partnered with Green Economy Canada) and opportunities to share our best practices with other members.

Let’s work together and make a Change For Climate.