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DIALOG Vancouver Studio Reveals Creative Renovation Refresh

October 17, 2023

With the intention of bringing a sense of energy into an underutilized, static space, DIALOG’s Vancouver studio has undertaken a refresh – creating a welcoming space called PlyLAB.

In just one weekend, the new space was completed by members of DIALOG, built to inspire creative interaction and collaboration. Raw, exposed plywood encourages play so people aren’t afraid to have autonomy to change the design as it evolves.

The multi-purpose space invites DIALOG members to use as they please – whether it act as a workshop for painting or hammering, a model making space, a gallery exhibition, a design pin-up wall, or a space to each lunch.

Previously, the space was underutilized with miscellaneous furniture, lacking representation of the creative energy witnessed in DIALOG studios every day.

To come up with the new design, a group of DIALOG members came together to discuss what needed to be changed, taking into consideration post-pandemic usage, and what impression the studio aims to give to newcomers – an interactive, inclusive space.

The renovation refresh was revealed at recent events hosted by DIALOG and is now a new communal hearth for the studio.