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Earth Day 2021: Our Commitment as Designers

April 22, 2021

As designers, we have a hand in shaping how future generations will experience the world around us. This Earth Day, we’re reminded of the importance in exploring green technologies that not only protect — but help to repair — our ecosystems. This collective imperative is at the core of our guiding principles, as we design with our shared communities and environment in mind.

In order to stay on track, we need tangible evidence. Measuring and tracking our commitment to help combat climate change is something we make a habit of, every day of the year.

LEED® Certified

We’re looking to the future with optimism, cementing sustainability throughout our culture and design process. With over 130 LEED® design professionals, our team continues to expand their knowledge, finding new and innovative ways to minimize our environmental footprint, moving us closer to a zero carbon world.   

Our Actions

We’ve created a Sustainability Action Plan that is focused on accomplishing four key objectives: evaluating and improving our design process so projects can achieve the highest possible level of environmental design; cultivating awareness and commitment to environmental sustainability among all DIALOGers; providing sustainable design knowledge, skills, and resources to all disciplines and sectors; and working with our clients to establish common goals and support them to be part of the solution.


Our commitment isn’t just to the environment – it’s to each other. In September 2017, DIALOG signed up for the American Institute of Architects’ 2030 Commitment, calling for all new buildings, developments, and major renovations to be carbon neutral by 2030.

We went further in 2019, signing both the Canadian Engineers Declare Climate & Biodiversity Emergency, and the Canadian Architectural Professionals Declare Climate and Biodiversity Emergency and Commitment to Urgent and Sustained Action.


We’re also committed to tracking and sharing our progress. In addition to sharing our GHG emissions, we developed the DIALOG Green Tracker to record the energy use intensity (EUI) of our projects and provide real-time information about how we’re measuring up to our net-zero targets.

Lead photo: University of Calgary – MacKimmie Complex, a net-zero carbon building that exemplifies what’s possible with innovative design thinking.