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Edmonton’s New Walterdale Bridge Celebrates 5th Anniversary

September 22, 2022

Edmonton is celebrating five years since the first commuters passed along the new Walterdale Bridge on September 17, 2017.

Arching across the North Saskatchewan River, the new Walterdale Bridge beckons you into the heart of Edmonton’s core. Spanning 206 metres from bank to bank, it carries three lanes of northbound vehicle traffic, a sidewalk to the west of the roadway, and a separated shared-use path for pedestrians and cyclists to the east.

Five years on, the bridge has become synonymous with the city and is regarded as its most photographed landmark. Colby Cosh, National Post columnist and resident Edmontonian remarked “The elegant, minimalist new Walterdale Bridge is probably the greatest architectural success in the entire history of Edmonton, and may be one of the triumphs of the century in Canada as a whole.” As an integrated DIALIOG project, its also emblematic of what is achieved through collaborative design.

Jim Montgomery, DIALOG Partner Emeritus and lead designer and engineer on Walterdale, spoke to CTV News Edmonton on why it has become one of his favourite projects, “I’m very proud of the way it announces the downtown and attracts people to the river valley.”

Watch the video below to hear more from Jim and fellow Edmontonians on how the new Walterdale Bridge has breathed life into the community.