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How can we expect Electrical Design to change in the Post-Pandemic world?

May 14, 2020

As we start to gradually re-engage with our communities and public spaces, how can electrical design play a role in creating healthier, safer environments? DIALOG Principals Henry Doornberg and Naresh Arora explore how electrical design is evolving to respond to a changing world.

Information Communication Technology Systems

The future will include more wireless/touchless systems, temperature scanners, face mask detection, digital visitor management and contact tracing system.

In the workplace, there will be more robust, redundant, reliable IT systems to facilitate increased remote work spaces. There will be increased WAN bandwidth to handle increased data flow, including the advent of 5G.

Smart building solutions will allow booking desks, meeting rooms and for locating assets all from smart devices. Work spaces will offer more flexibility to choose from where to work, instead of a designated working desks.

Lighting and Lighting Control

Lighting has an immense impact in any space. Going forward there will be antimicrobial finishes on luminaires (a complete electric unit). Germicidal UV lighting systems to disinfect spaces will also be taken into consideration.

There will be lensed, gasketed and enclosed luminaires. And, of course, more occupancy sensors and touchless control systems with voice activated commands.

What do you think? Share your ideas with us, and get in touch with Henry or Naresh to discuss opportunities.

Henry Doornberg Partner, Electrical Engineer
Naresh Arora Partner, Electrical Engineer