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Integrating Indigenous Design Principles for a High-Performing Timber Building: DIALOG’s Jason D’Altroy and Juan Carlos Portuese at Advanced Building Skins Conference & Expo in Switzerland

October 16, 2023

DIALOG’s Jason D’Altroy, Associate and project manager, and Juan Carlos Portuese, Associate and architect, will attend the Advanced Building Skins Conference & Expo 2023 to present their session titled, “Indigenous design principles for a high-performing timber building”, on Tuesday, October 31, in Bern, Switzerland.

Indigenous Design for a High-Performing Timber Building

In the session, Jason D’Altroy looks at going beyond the Ontario building code, highlighting alternative solutions for timber structures above code limit, energy savings, and bird collision deterrence. Juan Carlos Portuese will speak on design methods that focus on inclusive and sustainable building environments, addressing integrated project delivery teams that surpass high performance; early integration of diverse perspectives, art, and storytelling; and delivering an indigenous inspired envelope design.

Joining the presentation is Sarah Gray, Principal, building science specialist, RDH Building Science, to address delivering a zero-carbon academic building. She will highlight high-performance enclosure detailed design, airtightness testing prior to building occupancy, and lifecycle analysis.

About Advanced Building Skins Conference & Expo

As the premier international event for innovative building envelopes, the Advanced Building Skins Conference & Expo attracts over 800 architects, engineers, and industry experts from across the world for a two-day event of productive networking and high-caliber presentations. The conference will be held from October 30 to 31, 2023, at the Kursaal Conference Centre in Bern, Switzerland.