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Let’s talk transit at the Urban Transit Infrastructure National Symposium

July 16, 2020

Join DIALOG’s transit design team at this year’s virtual conference.

Even when the road is uncertain, stay on track with the latest transit initiatives shaping Canadian cities. Putting safety, customer usage and investments at the forefront, the virtual 6th Annual Urban Transit Infrastructure National Symposium unites transit leaders from across the country and beyond to discuss hot-button issues and trends that are supporting and disrupting the industry.

Four DIALOGers will be aboard to share insights from their project experience and discuss the future of transit.

Georg Josi Partner, Structural Engineer
Antonio Gómez-Palacio Partner, DIALOG Chair
Sandra Renihan Associate, Structural Engineer
  • Antonio Gomez-Palacio (principal and urban planner) will be part of a panel discussion entitled Public Engagement and Stakeholder Buy-in for Projects. He’ll share tools and techniques on initiating and maintaining stakeholder engagement through a decade of planning, design and construction of Edmonton’s Valley Line LRT.
  • Antonio will also be part of a timely panel that speaks for itself: Contract Challenges During a Crisis: Policy Changes Worth Keeping and Evaluating After COVID-19
  • Georg Josi (principal and structural engineer) will be discussing urban gondolas as a mass transit solution for growing cities. He’ll be drawing on his latest experience with Edmonton’s proposed Prairie Sky Gondola at the session called Urban Gondolas: Fiction or Smart Solution?
  • Sandra Renihan (associate and structural/transportation engineer) is co-hosting a session with Eva Cheung (City of Edmonton project manager) called Edmonton’s Valley Line and Transforming a City through LRT, where they’ll share their experience on the largest infrastructure project to date in Edmonton.
  • Larissa Ulcar (structural/transportation engineer) will be moderating a panel discussion about integrating transit stations with their surrounding context entitled TOD and Strategic Planning to Transform Urban Spaces.

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