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Listen & Learn: Our response to racism and inequality

June 6, 2020

This matters, so let us be clear: Systemic injustice and inequality are serious issues that have our attention. We have a lot of work to do to listen, learn and to do better in the way we practice and operate.

At DIALOG, we have a vision to meaningfully improve the wellbeing of our communities and the environment we all share. Our firm’s foundation is built upon the idea of bringing together a diversity of people and perspectives. However, recent events have helped us understand there’s more work to be done.   

While design can be a lever through which to make positive change happen, there is more to learn to create inclusive spaces for the greater good of our communities and environment. We still have so far to go.

Words have power, but actions have more power:

  • We have started to convene virtual brainstorming conversations in each of our studios to build on the ideas that have been shared on the DIALOG intranet and to come up with next steps.
  • We will launch Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training which will be mandatory for all DIALOGers. The sessions will take place over the summer.
  • We will develop a community outreach program to engage Indigenous, underrepresented and under-served communities, listen and learn how design can help address issues in those communities and share our passion for design as a tool for problem solving. 

These are our first steps forward on a long journey. We are committed to taking deliberate actions and will continue to have real conversations to make positive change happen. Let’s start the DIALOG.