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Mass Timber Today Podcast Episode 08: Robert Schmitz – Learning from the Mass Timber Experience of Scandinavia

December 7, 2023

Craig Applegath, DIALOG partner and architect, and Dr. Anne Koven, Director, Mass Timber Institute, are hosts of Mass Timber Institute’s podcast, Mass Timber Today, where they sit down with guests to examine the intersection between engineering, construction, design, and forestry.

Episode 8 | Robert Schmitz: Learning from the Mass Timber Experience of Scandinavia

In the latest podcast episode, Craig Applegath speaks with Robert Schmitz, Partner, White Arkitekter based in Stockholm, Sweden. They delve into the embodied carbon advantages of mass timber, exploring how the growing mass timber industry can contribute to reducing environmental impacts across different sectors. Also examined is the crucial role timber-focused architects play in driving the adoption of mass timber, gaining insights from Robert’s Scandinavian perspective on the specific challenges and opportunities associated with building with this sustainable material.

Listen to the episode: 


About Mass Timber Today

Created by the Mass Timber Institute at the University of Toronto’s John H. Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design, the Mass Timber Today podcast series explores the opportunities and challenges of sustainable mass timber construction.

One on one interviews are conducted by hosts, Craig Applegath and Dr. Anne Koven. Craig Applegath is a Founding Partner at DIALOG; and Anne Koven is the co-founder and Director of the Mass Timber Institute, an Honourary Registered Professional Forester. Applegath and Koven sit down with guests to explore their insights about mass timber technology. The podcast aims to be a platform for a conversation amongst foresters, architects, engineers, builders, Indigenous community members, and developers.

Lead image: Zero Carbon Hybrid Timber Supertall Prototype