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Official Smudge Ceremony Marks Groundbreaking of TELUS World of Science – Edmonton Expansion

August 17, 2020

From TELUS World of Science – Edmonton’s announcement:

On July 30 we commemorated this milestone with a Smudge Ceremony conducted by Elder Tony Arcand from Alexander First Nation to cleanse the construction site and set good intentions for the project. This ceremony was particularly important to better represent Indigenous Peoples at the science centre. As we expand we will be providing more opportunities that profile Traditional Knowledge within our building as well as through outreach programming.


Since opening in 1984, we have always been a place where you connect with your community and where big thinkers and dreamers grow. Now with the Aurora Project, we are updating old galleries and creating new experiences to continue meeting the needs of our community.

Some of the new experiences will include the Newell Family Gallery that is dedicated to exploring northern science and traditional knowledge and will open in 2022. This exhibition will recognize the role that the North plays in the global scientific conversation and explore what it is like for the people that live there.

We will also be opening the new Allard Family Gallery focused on Health in our region in 2021. This gallery will allow you to explore the different elements that influence your health from your biology to your lifestyle choices, to the environment where you live and the way healthcare supports you. This gallery will inspire exploration of new career pathways in healthcare and will highlight local scientific health science research.

Just as the field of science is continually progressing, TELUS World of Science – Edmonton is adapting in order to inspire the limitless potential of our children and future generations to come.

In order to complete the final phase of the Aurora Project, TWOSE needs to raise $2 million in donations from the community. Learn more about the expansion project and consider making a donation at