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TFCI Podcast Episode 030 | Sayjel Vijay Patel: Relentless Pursuit of a Mission

September 27, 2021

Craig Applegath, DIALOG Partner, hosts the podcast Twenty-First Century Imperative, where he interviews guests that are making a difference in the race to save our planet from environmental degradation.

Episode 030 | Sayjel Vijay Patel: Relentless Pursuit of a Mission

“In this episode I talk with Sayjel Vijay Patel. Sayjel is an MIT-trained architect, technologist and the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Digital Blue Foam.

Sayjel’s past work bridges across the scales of software, materials, and cities, often mashing-up industrial technologies in new and provocative collaborations; From a Bartending System using Kuka Robots for Google I/O;  to developing an award-winning Mars 3D printing concept for NASA,  to designing a fleet of emotion-sensing robots for the Shenzhen Biennale in 2019.

Sayjel was a Founding Professor at the Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation (the DIDI), the first Design University to open in the UAE, where he pioneered a new format of combinatorial design education – where students are trained in 2 different design disciplines simultaneously.

Before joining the DIDI, Sayjel was a Researcher with the SUTD Digital Design and Manufacturing and Design Center in Singapore, where he invented an award winning software for multi-material 3D printing. Since 2013, Sayjel has coordinated “CodeKitchen,” an ongoing series of peer-to-peer learning labs and workshops to bridge emerging technology and design practices.

Today, Sayjel is concentrating 100% of his time as the co-founder, and CTO of Digital Blue Foam – an architectural software start-up. Digital Blue Foam’s mission is to create the algorithms, interfaces, and operating systems, to accelerate the decarbonization of the building industry. In his free time, Sayjel loves to oil paint, and spend quality time with his wife and daughter.  

In our podcast Sayjel and I talk about the importance of urban density, how two key metrics are the most important way to drive low carbon cities, and how to scale design strategies at an urban level to reduce the carbon footprint of city dwellers. 

I hope you enjoy our conversation!”

Learn more and listen to this episode here.

About the TFCI Podcast

The Twenty First-Century Imperative podcast series was created to explore how we as a species will meet the critical challenges of Twenty-First Century Imperative – those being:

  1. How will we continue to live on our planet without destroying our biosphere?
  2. How will we repair and regenerate the environmental damage we have already caused?
  3. How will we adapt to the escalating impacts of climate change?

Craig interviews scientists, designers, planners, engineers, business entrepreneurs, politicians, and other successful change-makers, who are looking for and finding smart, effective ways to answer these three critical challenges.