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UC Berkeley Master of Urban Design Students with DIALOG Instructors to Present Studio Work

April 19, 2024

Join DIALOG partners Mona Lovgreen and Amit Price Patel, together with Pol Fite Matamoros, UC Berkeley PhD candidate in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning, and Master of Urban Design students as they present studio work next Thursday, April 25 at Emeryville City Hall in California. This is a continuation to the Advanced Urban Design studio course taught by Mona and Amit at UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design.

The event will be in two sections; a presentation as part of the Emeryville Planning Commission meeting, followed by an open house exhibition showcasing the students’ work. There will be presentations from four students, with another six students’ projects displayed in the gallery hall.

Event Details

Date:                                  Thursday, April 25, 2024
Time:                                  6 – 8 p.m. PT
Location:                          Emeryville City Hall, 1333 Park Ave., California.
There is no registration or cost. The event is open to the public.

Presentations are as follows:
–Amphibio City
–Urban Ore: Rethinking the Construction Industry for 2050
–From Ephemeral to Eternal: Reimagining Emeryville’s Coastline

Students’ studio work.

UC Berkeley – Master of Urban Design, “Advanced Urban Design” Studio

Focusing on “Scarcity and Abundance” and choosing Emeryville as the selected site, the studio embodies the intricate dance between scarcity and abundance that defines urban planning in California and engages students in addressing the state’s notable challenges—limited natural resources and a dense population—against a backdrop of vast cultural diversity, economic vitality, and innovation.

Emeryville, with its industrial past and current urban diversity, serves as an exemplary case study. Despite its constrained size and potential environmental issues, its strategic position and infrastructure make it an ideal laboratory for exploring sustainable, high-density housing and mixed-use development. Students are tasked with creating design solutions that not only meet the acute need for housing but also promote sustainable land use and enhance community well-being, steering Emeryville towards becoming a more resilient and vibrant urban area. This studio strives to educate future urban planners and designers to navigate and harmonize the complexities of resource scarcity and the richness of opportunity through thoughtful, holistic approaches.

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