CF Sherway Gardens Renovations

Ahead of the curve


Constructed in the 1970s at the intersection of two major highways, CF Sherway Gardens was originally a mall in a sea of suburban parking lots. The expected experience was to drive, park, shop, and leave. The exterior of the shopping centre did not engage with the surrounding community and it had no pedestrian appeal. This redevelopment engages shoppers in an urban experience with a public face to the exterior of the shopping centre, with places to gather and interact inside and outside. The expansion includes three parking garages, existing mall space, and facade renovation.

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Toronto, ON
350,000 sq ft
Cadillac Fairview
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Interior Design
Planning & Urban Design
Structural Engineering

The tone of Sherway’s public realm is set with the sense of arrival at the the new main entrance. 

As you explore the space, the disappearing curve of the extension’s hallway continuously reveals new retail, creating an inviting shopping experience.

Moves were made to urbanize the environment by engaging with the surrounding community. 

Perched above the shopping street, the Gourmet Fare dining hall provides 900 seats, and high ceilings with maximum sunlight exposure.

The space offers an opportunity to dine, shop, and relax while people watching.

Floor to ceiling windows bring the outside in.

The Team

Vaulted light

Visitors are welcomed into a two-storey curving atrium space that offers maximum sunlight exposure.

This spectacular feature brings retail design to the forefront of the expansion, allowing for larger-than-normal double-height storefront presentation.

Exposure to natural sunlight and the feeling of walking along an outdoor promenade is a major theme throughout the project.

Suburban to urban

Surface parking is reduced, and the building juts out towards the street.

Parking lots are generously shrouded by tasteful landscaping.

Wayfinding is clear and speaks a modern language.


2016 Silver Medal – Renovations and Expansions – Centres more than 1,000,000 sq. ft. of total retail spaceICSC Canadian Shopping Centre Awards