Durham Regional Police Service – Clarington Police Complex

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Perched on a slight rise and anchored on a prominent corner of the Clarington Police Complex, the building looks out over the community it serves. Phase I of the police complex resulted in the completion of two structures, including the East Division Building (EDB), the Forensic Investigation Facility (FIF), and the development of the site to accommodate future phases. Phase II, still in the planning stage, will add two more buildings to the site to further support Durham Region Police Service (DRPS). An emphasis on community building was a guiding principle throughout the project.

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Durham, ON
73,300 sq ft
Regional Municipality of Durham
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The exterior incorporates natural stone and wood with continuous strip windows at pedestrian height, complementing the naturalized site, providing an attractive view for neighbourhood residents.

The end result of the collaboration between stakeholders and designers is a building that is meaningful to Clarignton and helps enhance its community wellbeing. 

The lobby is inviting and open and incorporates separate entryways for the public, staff, and processing detainees.

A secure staff entrance leads into a long corridor that has been dubbed “Police Street”.

The zone offers a safe place for the officers to meet, and its central location promotes dialogue and a community environment. 

The wide corridor also allows speedy reaction times when responding to calls. while rooms along the corridor house everything the officers need prior to dispatch: gun room, coat storage, and storage.

The prominent use of wood throughout the station offers a naturalize space, increasing the occupants’ wellbeing.

Exterior landscaping clearly defines public and secure zones, without the need for fortress-type walls. 

The extensive use of glass in the lobby and throughout makes it visible and open, reinforcing the notion that the building is accessible and welcomes visits from the public, even from the roadway.

The EDB is arranged around a large inner courtyard, adjacent to the internal kitchen and lunch room, to provide private space for the police in a secure area.

The abundance of light streaming in through the courtyard also filters into the common work areas and offices, providing bright and healthy working conditions.

Additionally, a circulation corridor frames the inner courtyard, allowing staff in the building to view their coworkers across the space, a benefit to social interaction and security.