Evergreen Line Stations

Designing and delivering Lafarge Lake-Douglas, Lougheed stations

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The Evergreen rapid transit line connects Coquitlam to Vancouver, and includes 11 km of guideway with seven new stations. The project was commissioned under a design-build-finance contract with a consortium led by SNC Lavalin. DIALOG was contracted to lead the design and construction documentation of the Lougheed and Lafarge Lake-Douglas elevated stations. The team developed a concept plan that addressed the core functional requirements, which encompassed optimizing the transit operations and passenger experience and delivering functional yet inviting transit stations.

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Burnaby / Coquitlam, BC
SCN-Lavalin / TransLink
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Terminus of the line

The Lafarge Lake – Douglas station is the final stop on the eastern end of the Evergreen Line. The open-air, illuminated platform makes a bold statement in the evening light.

Bringing art to the public

A local sculptor created a frog sculpture to celebrate concrete company Lafarge’s gift of a gravel pit to the city, and its conversion into the eponymous lake beside the station.

Simple West Coast design

The design team chose wood, concrete, and glass to express a subtle West Coast theme at the Lafarge Lake station. Station architecture seamlessly incorporates TransLink colours, signage and branding.

Standing out amidst the towers

The wooden underside of the platform canopy at Lafarge Lake station stands out in sharp contrast to the nearby high-rise towers, while bringing an element of nature to the space.

Simple interiors work together

The design team made sure to keep the interior of the Lafarge station simple and clean, so it could easily integrate into the other six stations that make up the Millennium Line.

Bright, bold, open platforms

Lafarge station platforms make extensive use of wood while still carrying through a bold and bright design style. Exposed structural elements add to the station’s industrial feel.

Different look at Lougheed

The design team imparted a very different look at Lougheed Station than Lafarge, in order to tie it in more to the concrete and steel environment that it calls home.

Highly functional platforms

The platforms at Lougheed follow the same general design principles as those at Lafarge, but use steel beams and metal canopies to protect transit users from the elements.

Clean and efficient concourses

Passenger concourses at the Lougheed Station match those of other stations in the Evergreen Line, with TransLink colours and branding, along with white mesh ceiling panels.

Twilight at Lougheed Station

Twilight at the station shows off the steel and aluminum design elements, as well as a roof structure that is distinctly different in style and form from the Lafarge Station.

Giant windows into the station

Giant windows open the station up to the pedestrian plaza outside, enabling the space to be filled with light while also ensuring public safety and visibility.

The Team


2017 Award of Excellence, Transportation – Evergreen Line Rapid Transit ProjectCanadian Consulting Engineers