JJ Bean Cafés

Like a chameleon - unique in each location


Same smooth coffee, more than 20 intentionally different spaces around Vancouver and Toronto. Each JJ Bean location has a unique design story that’s drawn from its building or the local community. Like the company, JJ Bean cafés seek to add value to neighbourhoods. Authentic representation of these ‘hoods is a key element of the design. As a practice, DIALOG has been a part of the JJ Bean story from its inception to now. Each location is a little different, but is distinctly JJ Bean – and distinctly DIALOG.

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Vancouver, BC
JJ Bean
DIALOG Services

Interior Design

The Team

We’ve been provided with a very rare opportunity to work with a single company and to form an integral part of their growth. Each of the 23 JJ Bean projects was recognizable as part of a single brand but distinct and clearly tailored to unique conditions.

Brady Dunlop, Principal-in-Charge

Located in downtown Vancouver in a vintage space, the café on Dunsmuir clashes polished with concrete.

Clean and contemporary furnishings play off the menagerie of materials in the space.

A Vancouver special, this location enabled JJ Bean roasters to lavishly play.

North Vancouver’s Lonsdale café brings the outdoors in, celebrating the area’s rainforest.

Each JJ Bean strives to exhibit the neighborhood they’re in. The edge of this roof shows sea meeting mountain…

… making this, and each, café feel like the community’s lounge.


2018 Awards of Excellence, Food & BeverageIDIBC