The Mark

Designed for inspired urban living, with breathtaking views


The Mark is a 43-storey market residential / mixed-use condominium tower in Vancouver’s Yaletown neighbourhood, situated on one of the main corridors into the city’s downtown core. The building is located on a challenging site at the intersection of Seymour and Pacific, and boasts 360 degree views out over the city and North Shore mountains. The Mark includes a 10,000 sq ft wellness and activity centre for residents, as well as a 37-space daycare facility, an key community asset in this neighbourhood. Sustainability was an important consideration for the project team, and The Mark has been designed to LEED® Gold equivalent standards.

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Vancouver, BC
220,000 sq ft
Onni Group of Companies
LEED® Gold design
DIALOG Services


Rising out of Yaletown

The Mark (centre tower as well as the podium in the foreground) rises out of the Yaletown neighbourhood and makes a statement on the area skyline.

Room to breathe

A seven-storey podium runs on either side of the main tower along the Seymour Street side of the building, providing some separation from other towers on that block.

Angular façades

The west and south sides of the building meet in a sharply angled corner, making for an interesting  façade and unit configuration on the south-east face of the building.

Close to the off-ramp

The Seymour Street side of the building is close to the Granville Street Bridge off-ramp, and the building’s design reflects that proximity.

Seven levels, mixed uses

The podium at The Mark contains a range of different facilities and services, including a fitness room, daycare facility, commercial spaces, amenity spaces, and residential units.

One of the giants

The Mark was the tallest tower in Yaletown when it was completed in 2009, but has since been joined by other similar height; a number of these were also designed by DIALOG.

Inspired local artwork

Artwork at the base of The Mark is inspired by local First Nations imagery, and adds a bright, distinctive flair to the streetscape of the building.

Playfulness at street level

Water features and fountains add playfulness to the street-level interface for The Mark, making for a welcome entryways along the west and south sides of the building.

Dynamic nighttime entry

The west entryway at The Mark is brightly lit in the evening, showing off the First Nations art and allowing passersby a view into the community spaces, gym and foyer.

A grandy lobby

The lobby at The Mark is well suited to the stature of the building, and creates a positive first impression for both residents and visitors; concierge services are provided.

First-class fitness space

Residents at The Mark have access to the on-site 10,000 sq ft first-class fitness and wellness facility, which is located on level two of the main building.

A rooftop pool and hottub

The lap pool and hottub are located on the roof of the seven-storey podium, the southern-most portion of The Mark, meaning that the space gets unencumbered sunlight.

Amazing views to the east

Suites on the east side of the building look out over Yaletown towards the end of False Creek and the outlying Vancouver suburbs.

North Shore vistas

Residents on the west and north sides of The Mark have world-class views over Vancouver’s downtown core and West Vancouver to the North Shore mountains.

Penthouse balcony views

The penthouse balcony on the south side of the tower at The Mark has plenty of room for entertaining outdoors, and panoramic views that stretch over the over south end of the city.

The Team

The Mark | Vancouver, BC Designed for inspired urban living, with breathtaking views
Working with existing elements

The design team wanted The Mark to integrate into the Yaletown neighbourhood, and worked to tie it to the Granville Street Bridge and English Bay.

Stark contrast

Early drawings of The Mark didn’t incorporate other buildings, providing a very clean perspective.

Adding in the neighbourhood

The team added more detail once the initial design for the buildings was approved.

Street-level perspective

Views of The Mark from Pacific Blvd. showed how it would appear in the neighbourhood context.

Courtyard and water feature

This central courtyard and water feature were part of the early design concept, but didn’t make it to construction.

Podium from the back

This sketch of the courtyard at The Mark shows the central podium piece and views out onto Pacific Blvd.

West elevation from street level

Seven stories of rental housing on this side of the project help bring a multitude of tenants to the building and neighbourhood

Angular balconies on the south side

Sharp, angular balconies on the south side of The Mark define this façade.

West elevation

This elevation shows the west side of the building without the Granville Bridge offramp.

South elevation from street level

The concept for this elevation of The Mark carried over to the final build, with only minor changes.


2014 Award for Excellence in Urban DesignUDI