The River Mile Master Plan

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The River Mile master plan is a long-term vision for 15 million sq ft development that sees Elitch Gardens, an aging amusement park on the South Platte River, as a mixed-use community. This concept was a response to the population crunch of Denver’s downtown infrastructure. A variety of housing options will converge people. Two light-rail stations and a bus loop will alleviate the tension on public transport, while connecting to the river through communal gathering and amenity spaces. The plan has been approved but construction is still several years out; the development would be built in phases over several years.

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The River Mile development covers a huge swath of land in the downtown Denver core, and will revitalize the urban landscape.

The Elitch Gardens lands present an opportunity to alleviate the current stress on Denver’s downtown core, and plan intelligently for future growth.

Its reimagining as the River Mile will provide a variety of public open spaces and amenities such as a community center, school, daycare, and a transit hub.

This new urban district embodies the functions for smart growth through a magnetic destination that draws and provides for both the immediate community and Denver at large.

Walkable and transit oriented, the River Mile will connect adjacent neighborhoods through two LRT stations, the Platte River bike trail, and pedestrian connections.

It will offer affordable housing where Denverites can live, work, and play at the heart of the city’s centre.

This plan brings the city to the edge of the Platte River in a way that Denver has yet to experience, in spite of the fact that the river has always been there.

This stretch of the river will be transformed into a mile-long social catalyst through a new urban district with homes, restaurants, retail, and entertainment offerings.

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The River Mile is an opportunity to reclaim the [South Platte] river for the residents

Rhys Duggan, Revesco Properties


2019 Award of DistinctionAIA Colorado
2020 Merit Award for Sustainability & Environmental PlanningAmerican Planning Association (APA) Colorado