University of Victoria District Energy Plant

Environmentally responsible campus heating solutions

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The University of Victoria district energy plant (DEP) replaces three separate natural gas-fired boilers that dated back several decades. Heat is pumped from the new plant through a vast network of hot-water pipes to 32 buildings on campus. This new plant has had a direct and immediate benefit to university operations, as well as the environment, with a 10% annual reduction in the amount of energy required to heat facilities on campus. This highly sustainable project is targeting LEED® Gold certification, underscoring the University’s commitment to environmentally responsible facilities. DIALOG also provided LEED® consulting and energy modeling services on this project.

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Victoria, BC
7,642 sq ft
FVB Energy Inc.
Targeting LEED® Gold certification

FVB Energy Inc.

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The Team

This was a simple design

The DEP design was based on the nearby interfaith chapel, which boasted a pitched roof as well as a smaller footprint.

Incorporating wood elements

Locally-sourced CLT panels are part of the roof and back wall structure of the DEP.

Showing off plant operations

The design team chose to use as much glass as possible on the public-facing sides the building.

Connected roof & cladding structure

The black corrugated metal DEP roof structure carries through to the back wall of the building.

Spreading across campus

The network of piping for the new DEP spreads across campus, connecting 32 buildings to the plant, which is located on the south-west corner of the university.

Strong lines flow inside the DEP

The DEP’s simple layout maximizes viewing and educational opportunities for visitors to the plant.

Well designed access routes

Access to the DEP was carefully considered. People wishing to learn about plant operations can easily walk there, and service vehicles can reach the plant via secondary routes.

Landscaping to integrate the DEP

The landscaping plan for the DEP site works to integrate the building into the campus, while still providing a pleasant view corridor from the Interfaith Chapel to the south.

Steeply pitched roof

This rendering provides a clear representation of the DEP roof structure slope. It also illustrates the prominence of the northeast corner of the building in the public realm.

North elevation rendering

The north side of the DEP is predominantly window wall, so people can view the plant layout and operations. The glass and vibrant colours inside create a strong visual statement.

Northeast corner, DEP

The window walls on the east and north sides of the DEP, creating a strong architectural statement and proving that infrastructure buildings can be aesthetically appealing.

West elevation, DEP

This elevation of the DEP shows the service entrances on the south side, as well as the screening for mechanical and service components of the building not part of operations.