Our Team
Michael Mochulski Associate, Designer  P.Tech (Eng) | P.L. Eng | Engineering Licensee Calgary

Michael has been a key member of DIALOG’s mechanical engineering team since 2011. His upbringing on a farm has greatly influenced his approach to work, proving that there are no shortcuts to success in life nor design. When it comes to tackling challenges that are affecting our communities and the environment, Michael seeks to surround himself with other bright, passionate people who offer differing opinions and solutions. He sees meaningful relationships as key parts of his work and essential components for unlocking impactful design. With this, Michael has served as an important part of the glue that binds DIALOG’s architecture, interior, and engineering teams on projects, allowing them to produce built environments that enable occupants to flourish.  

Michael has worked on institutional designs for the University of Calgary and the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, as well as healthcare and commercial mixed-use projects. Most notably, Michael worked on the award-winning Mackimmie complex, which includes a high-performance net-zero carbon building at the heart of the University of Calgary campus. He also played an integral role in the Lethbridge Exhibition Centre project. 


What’s your favourite DIALOG project? Why?
My favourite DIALOG project would have to be the Banff Gondola. This project is at the top of my list because of its unique location. How many people can say that they played a part in the design of a building on top of a mountain? 

Where do you find inspiration?
My favourite way to find inspiration is taking a walk through nature. I firmly believe humans are instinctually connected to the natural world and drenching yourself routinely provides a number of benefits.  

What do you do to get out of a creative rut?
Reading a topical book unlocks me to think or look at something from a different perspective and gets me out of that rut.


Diploma in Building Environmental Systems Technology (Honours) 
Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

HVAC Specialist Certificate