Our Team
Michael Saringer Associate, Leader, Cybersecurity CCNP | R&S | CISSP Vancouver

Michael is DIALOG’s leader of cybersecurity and networks, protecting all of us as we engage with technology every day. He has a passion for security within and outside of technology, keeping the bad actors outside of our environment, and ensuring DIALOGers have secure and responsive access to resources across our networks. Client project teams call upon Michael to answer questions and make recommendations based on networking and security requirements., which he is always able to do in layperson’s terms. Michael’s end-to-end configuration of our network allows DIALOGers to connect with each other, between studios, and with our clients and project teams, quickly and securely. His approach to investigating fresh solutions and working with practice groups helps evaluate our future investments, comparing vendors with security best practices. His knowledge of technology expands past security and networking, elevating the security mindset of the entire DIALOG practice and bringing strategic thinking to the planning and implementation around issues we all currently face.

What’s your favourite DIALOG project?
Having grown up in North Vancouver every time I visit The Shipyards I’m impressed by how DIALOG managed to take an old industrial area on the waterfront and activate it to make a vibrant community gathering place.

What’s one skill (outside of work) that you’d like to learn?
I’d like to learn joinery and woodworking. I have huge respect for people who can fashion wood into beautiful furniture and cabinetry.