Our Team
Mike Torjan Associate, Mechanical Engineer P.Eng | BEng Calgary

Mike joined the Calgary Studio as a mechanical engineer in 2016. He works with a passion for developing a deep understanding of the unique story, challenges, and goals of every project. In turn, he is enabled to tailor innovative and effective solutions which push beyond convention in design. Sustainability and community wellbeing are most central to his work. Mike prides himself on following the performance of projects after his initial contributions, and offering building owners his ongoing support and insights. In this way, Mike leverages his applied knowledge and experience to develop design solutions that are practical and specific to a client’s needs throughout a project lifecycle, and the success of one project seamlessly contributes to the next.  

Mike primarily works within the education, sports and recreation, and commercial sectors. He is willing to go the extra mile for his clients, as shown in his work on the Mackimmie Complex, a high-performance net-zero carbon building on the University of Calgary campus, for which he spent a few days working from one of the tower floors to live the experience himself. The project is now a leading example of sustainable design in Canada, and the winner of the Consulting Engineers of Alberta Award of Excellence for Building Engineering: Institutional. Other notable projects include Vivo for Healthier Generations in Alberta, and the Energy Environment Experiential Learning Centre on the University of Calgary campus. Mike is currently a member of the SAIT Mechanical Engineering Technology Program Advisory Committee, the ASHRAE Southern Alberta Chapter Student Activities Committee, and the ASHRAE Technical Committee 6.5 Radiant Heating and Cooling. 

What’s your favourite DIALOG initiative? Why?

DIALOG Milestones—an annual event dedicated to acknowledging and celebrating the contributions of DIALOGers who have been with us 5, 10, 15, 20…years (and often even more!). I am always inspired by my colleagues’ passion, dedication, and accomplishments.  

How do you hope your work positively impacts our communities and environment?

I hope my work helps move the needle towards projects that are healthy, sustainable, and resilient. We can achieve these impacts directly through our work, but my hope is to also educate and inspire others to engage and advance us further.     

What’s one ‘Pro Tip’ you live by?

People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel.’ It’s the amalgamation of numerous quotes from numerous authors, and it inspires me to put my best self into my work, play, and relationships.  


Bachelor of Engineering with Distinction, Building Engineering
Concordia University