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Sebastián Carrizo Associate, Senior Building Performance Consultant MEng | BEng Toronto

Sebastián has more than a decade of experience in building performance simulation and analysis over a range of market sectors including higher education, healthcare, sports & recreation, and mixed-use buildings. His focus is on low carbon design of the built environment, including complying with local green building codes, attaining relevant certifications (like Net Zero Carbon or LEED), and hitting energy efficiency targets. 

Sebastián encourages design teams from an early stage to use building performance simulations as a digital sandbox. Used in this way, simulations allow teams to “play” with different building characteristics, quickly and easily exploring their impact on performance before being built. This provides quantifiable data to confirm or challenge the value of different building design options, allowing designers to strive for higher performance building design. 

In addition to his work at DIALOG, Sebastián is a Board Member of the Canadian Chapter of the International Building Performance Simulation Association and with Sustainable Buildings Canada. He is a recognized subject matter expert, with numerous publications in peer reviewed journals.  

Sebastián is both a trusted advisor and a skilled technician, with an ability to distill results of complex analyses into clear, actionable guidance. 

What’s your favorite DIALOG project? 
 Seneca College Health & Wellness Centre is special in the way it embodies sustainability, while being rooted in Indigenous principles. Its shape draws inspiration from the medicine wheel and drum circle (symbols of balance, equality, wholeness, and connection), and focuses on resilience and operational sustainability.

What’s one ‘Pro Tip’ you live by? 
“There are no passengers on spaceship Earth. We are all crew.” (Marshall McLuhan). Small or big, we all have a role to play, and none is insignificant. 

What’s the one thing you want to redesign every time you see or use it?  
I would love to see us move away from designing technology for planned obsolescence and into a future of design for longevity. 

What is your favorite DIALOG initiative? 
The quarterly firm-wide open forum on diversity, equity & inclusion. It highlights important issues/topics that might not seem directly connected with the building design sector but are present and important in all aspects of our world and lives. 


Master of Engineering, Sustainable Energy 
Carleton University  

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours), Industrial Engineering
Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires