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1200 King Road: A Transformational Opportunity

March 15, 2022

DIALOG has been engaged to develop a master plan for 1200 King Road in Burlington, Ontario. This marks an exciting opportunity to transform the immediate and broader community through social and economic invigoration. 

Alinea, the owner of 1200 King Road, has bold and thoughtful visions for how their business and development approach can meaningfully impact a community’s health, prosperity, and resiliency. Directly positioned east of the Aldershot GO Station and bounded by Highway 403, King Road, and the rail tracks, there is a great opportunity to reimagine this approximately 49 hectare or 121 acre property as part of the vibrant Aldershot Village and the broader Burlington community.  

This visionary transformation is also part of a broader goal in support of the 2030 Hamilton Commonwealth Games Bid. King Road is intended to act as a catalyst community-building project, and a potential site to host Games events and venues. It represents an opportunity to enact immediate impact and act as a key pillar in the Game’s transformative Bid model. This partnership between Alinea and Hamilton2030 will allow King Road to benefit from the vast resources and opportunities offered by the Bid process.

A Transformational Opportunity

We have identified key components and opportunities that will be vital in helping to realize this vision of enhancing the wellbeing of individuals, families, the community, and the environment: 

  • Executing a planning process that meaningfully engages neighbours, businesses, city, region, and provincial staff, industry, and social enterprises, 
  • Creating a place where people and nature can thrive together, 
  • Successful integration of economy employment and “complete communities” that attract and retain talent,
  • Establishing the site as a linchpin in the economic development of the region, that integrates with existing natural systems and neighbourhood life, leveraging transit investments and enhancing sustainability and wellbeing, 
  • Integrating a diverse set of partners including sports & recreation facilities, post-secondary institutions, advanced manufacturing, affordable housing providers, and natural heritage conservation groups.

This is a master plan that is specifically focused on enhancing the wellbeing of individuals, families, the community, and the environment

—Antonio Gómez-Palacio, DIALOG Partner

Engaging With the Community

Engagement is a critical component of the King Road project, and a key factor to implementing a vision that responds to the needs of the Burlington Community and broader stakeholder group. We have led numerous community engagement events and stakeholder interviews already, with many more engagement opportunities to come as the project progresses.

Community Wellbeing Symposium

DIALOG, in collaboration with The Conference Board of Canada, will be curating a symposium for 1200 King Road that employs the Community Wellbeing Framework to: help realize the Games’ Bid vision, to advance the King Road site as a pilot project, to recruit forward looking organizations and thought leaders to an internationally significant initiative aimed at social impact, and to meaningfully engage with a broad-spectrum of political leaders and extended community.  

The Community Wellbeing Symposium is the meeting place for the community, thought leaders, and political leaders from across the region to deliver on the aspiration of meaningfully improving the wellbeing of the community and environment and champion public-private partnerships. We are bringing the changemakers to the table.