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DIALOG Presents at the 2024 Advancing Design Integration Conference

June 19, 2024

Join DIALOG’s Megan Brooks, Associate and Leader of Design Technology; Dong Kim, Partner, Architect, and San Francisco Studio Chair; and Shahab Narimani, Architectural Designer, from September 5-6, 2024, as they present sessions at this year’s Advancing Design Integration conference in Dallas, Texas.

Building Up a Team: Dynamic & Conducive to Collaborative & Innovative with Dong Kim

Date:                                      Thursday, September 5, 2024
Time:                                      10:50 – 11:30 a.m.

In the session, Dong will address:

  • Understanding the specific context of a project to select the right partners and incentives to be involved.
  • Employing interactive tools to shed light on team dynamics early on, and help the team adapt to different communication styles.
  • Adapting to your system of information sharing and transparency to accommodate different working styles yet ensuring consistency across all partners.

Building Effective Information Sharing Systems to Improve Documentation & Collective Understanding of Decision-Making in Design with Megan Brooks and Shahab Narimani

Date:                                  Friday, September 6, 2024
Time:                                  12:10 – 12:50 p.m.

In the session, Megan and Shahab will address:

  • Establishing the level of detail required in the model for all stakeholders and how to supplement this with other resources to provide additional context to decisions made.
  • Designating clear roles for information management and dissemination across the project team to maintain accountability.
  • Implementing a centralized communication system that accommodates diverse user preferences and workflows yet ensures maximum content of design decision-making.
  • Soliciting feedback to foster buy-in and promote widespread adoption of a centralized platform

About the 2024 Advancing Design Integration Conference

The 2024 Advancing Design Integration conference brings together the industry’s most forward-thinking designers, contractors, and clients to reimagine the culture, workflows, and partnering best practices of a truly collaborative and integrated design process. Building on real project experience and learnings from some of the most complex, technical construction markets today, the event confronts how you can transform team mindsets, set up and manage cross-stakeholder collaboration, and maximize your role as a Design Manager to ensure projects are built to a higher quality, at speed, with reduced risk.