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DIALOG’s Burning Man Temple Submission Featured on Monocle Radio’s The Urbanist Podcast

February 22, 2024

DIALOG’s burning man temple submission, The Sacred Grove, is featured in the latest episode of Monocle Radio’s The Urbanist podcast. This weekly series focuses on the built environment and cities we inhabit.

In this episode, Monocle’s Carlota Rebelo is joined by DIALOG partner Anthony Fieldman to discuss the idea of temporary urban landscapes and the inspiration behind The Sacred Grove.

The design grew from rethinking traditional religious structures and incorporating elements that harken back to when forests were considered the original houses of worship across global cultures. The perforated wood ceiling is set to mimic the forest floor and alludes to nature’s rebirth throughout the four seasons. Additionally, working off Burning Man’s universal theme around grief, closure and catharsis, DIALOG planned to utilize donated recycled waste, solar generators, and a comprehensive “leave no trace plan” to return the area to its original form once burned.

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