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DIALOG’s Jay Levine on Next Great Big Ideas Podcast

February 9, 2023

Jay Levine, DIALOG Partner, architect, and lead of our national Science + Technology practice, sits down with host Jim Wilson in this recent episode of the Next Great Big Ideas podcast.

In this episode, Jay Levine talks about his career as a leader in the programming, planning, design, and execution of specialized pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and life sciences research facilities and the unique challenges and complexities involved in approaching these projects.

For Jay, the joy in his work comes from making connections and solving puzzles. By first understanding the client’s needs, Jay then merges his deep knowledge of scientific processes and operational workflows, together with the disciplines of architecture and engineering, to create high-performance workplaces that not only support and accelerate breakthrough discovery, but improve the wellbeing of the building’s occupants. “Clean air is as much a human right as clean water,” says Jay.

Tune in below to listen to the full episode.



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