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Grande Prairie Regional Hospital Featured in CFM&D Magazine

October 31, 2022

DIALOG’s award-winning Grande Prairie Regional Hospital has been featured in the Canadian Facility Management & Design Magazine.

Awarded the 2022 International Building Award by the International Federation of Healthcare Engineering in September, the facility received recognition for its design of open and inviting spaces, with deep daylight penetration into all its care and treatment rooms, providing patients and staff generous views of nature while building a sense of community.

In the October issue of the Canadian Facility Management & Design Magazine, writer Rebecca Melnyk’s article, “Designing for Patient Dignity in Grande Prairie,” highlights the ‘shared vision’ between the DIALOG design team, Alberta Health Services, the city, and the community. Part of that vision was “making the space warm and inviting, open to community events and celebrating life in Grande Prairie, so it’s more than a place to go when one is sick.”

“It becomes a destination,” says Adrian Lao, DIALOG Partner. “Even when you’re sick and unable to go outside, you can be part of the community; you can be part of the beautiful surrounding. You don’t feel as though you’re losing that connection,” he continues.

Read the full article here.