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sθәqәlxenәm ts’exwts’áxwi7 Rainbow Park Wins Architectural Award at the 2023 CISC Awards of Excellence

May 24, 2023

We’re delighted to announce that Vancouver’s sθәqәlxenәm ts’exwts’áxwi7 Rainbow Park has been awarded the ‘Architectural Award’ at the 2023 Canadian Institute of Steel Construction (CISC) Awards of Excellence in British Columbia.

On Thursday, May 18, 2023, CISC Awards of Excellence – one of Canada’s most prestigious steel events of the year – recognized the best projects in steel construction in three main categories: Engineering, Architectural, and Innovation & Sustainability. Award winners were selected by a distinguished jury of renown architects, engineers, and steel industry connoisseurs and were evaluated based on its complexity, innovation, beauty, uniqueness, and originality.

At this year’s award ceremony, the sθәqәlxenәm ts’exwts’áxwi7 Rainbow Park project team earned its deserving recognition and accepted the ‘Architectural Award.’

DIALOG’s Brady Dunlop, Partner and architect; Joost Bakker, Partner and architect; Thomas Wu, Partner and structural engineer; George Unger, Associate and contract administrator; and Steven Oosterhof; Partner and structural engineer, accepting the Architectural Award at the 2023 CISC Awards of Excellence.

One thing that was really important to the success of the project was we involved the community many times. We had a committee of people in businesses that surrounded the park site. Various arts organizations were involved to really get an understanding of what the desire was in that neighbourhood. There’s a delicacy to the steel work and an elegancy to it that I think was a function of the structural engineers and the architects working together.

-Joost Bakker, Partner and architect, DIALOG

sθәqәlxenәm ts’exwts’áxwi7 Rainbow Park, a collaborative project with the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation, is a dynamic concept that makes space for a vibrant and diverse community of downtown residents and visitors to come together. Located in Vancouver’s downtown core, the park brings green space to the city and provides people a place to gather, engage in social activities, enjoy an integrated café pavilion, and take in their surroundings from the pedestrian bridge. The park has been celebrated as a unique, inclusive, and highly innovative space by the community, setting a new direction for park design in the city.

Congratulations to the project team and to all involved in this outstanding achievement!